M Gordon for A Robinson

Trying to trade Melvin Gordon for A Robinson. I have 7 RBs and 6 of them are sus…lol. I only have 3 WRs and need another. Offered MG for Robinson. I’m basically trading away upside, for a solid floor. Who wins here?

Any thoughts are appreciated.

The trade just got accepted. I currently have three WRs with two of them on a bye week 10 so this could be a good move for me.

But with my RB situation so suspect if Gordon blows up or becomes a SOLID RB2 I may lose in the long run.?

I picked up Edmonds and Hunt this week so maybe I’ll be good

No way to tell without knowing the full trade and your roster.

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My RBs
-Gordon traded

My WRs
-received A Robinson

Bye week 10 has two of my WRs out so I had to get one more at least.

Full ppr.

I feel like I did ok, but RBs are so valuable you never know

I think you did fine. Yes Melvin May pull head out of rear and start being useful but that may never happen. What’s sure to happen is that you will need a WR for bye week… I’d take the safe play all day.

Full disclosure, I may be tilting on Gordon myself haha. I gave up Waller for him the week before he came back (I had dissly and all the confidence in the world in him at the time) now I can’t seem to give Gordon away for anything

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Great trade for your roster. Especially since you already insured Chubb with Hunt, makes moving Gordon easier

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