M. Gordon for Adams?! NEED HELP

I need some advice!!!
12 team Dynasty league, full PPR. 2rb, 2wr, 3flex

get DeVante Adams and Duke Johnson
give up Melvin Gordon and Paul Richardson

I am set at wide receiver already with: OBJ, Cooper, Tyreek Hill, Pettis, Crowder, and many more middling tier WR with upside

My RB depth is very low, it would leave me with Joe Mixon, TJ Yeldon, Chris Thompson, and Duke Johnson. I also do not have a 1st this year.

However I really love Adams, and his potential. Adams will presumably have a much longer fantasy life, and I Worry that Gordon could be at the end. Gordon has injury history and scares me, and I love Adams, but the deal would leave me short at RB. PLEASE HELP

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I think I lean the Adams side. Gordon is not currently under contract beyond 2019.

I worry about that situation. There is injury history and if he’s not playing for the Chargers than I do not expect the high end RB1 production.

This is a move that could hurt in 2019, but payoff in the long term. Do you consider yourself a contender now?

Keep in mind that Adams has a history of concussions. He scared me a little too.


This is an easy smash accept. Even though you can’t afford the depth at RB, you’re getting the best player in this trade by a landslide. Adams is my WR1 and after this season, I think he’ll be a top 4-5 dynasty asset. Ahead of Nuk and OBJ. If anything, you’ll get more for him in season or next year. Gordon is a declining asset.


Welcome! Both these fine members have said what I would say, including bringing up the idea of concussions in Adams. Not that it should put you off, but it is something to keep in mind.

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I love Gordon, but it’s Adams, and it’s not close.
Like someone else said, you can use Adams this year, and then trade him for a top tier RB (you can even do that after a few good games this year).
It also gives you flexibility to package some of your other WRs to upgrade at RB.


Thank you so much, love your take and appreciate the advice

I appreciate this so much, you guys rock and definitely give me the confidence and assurance to smash accept

Great point, I’m sending it through and not looking back. Hopefully Duke Johnson can be valuable and/or get traded go a better team as well.

Yeah you’re absolutely right. Thanks for the input, definitely going to send it through

Duke will at least be playable till week 9. So you can count on that.

Don’t often come on the forums, but had to log in to help a fellow footclan member out. This is a “break your spamming accept” trade. RBs just don’t hold their value like top tier WRs do.

Adams is a WR1 and could make the case for THE WR1 and is attached to Aaron Rodgers. Gordon is great, but the shelf life of a running back just isn’t the same as a RB. Adams could easily still produce at this elite level into his 30’s. RB’s age apex is 30, WR’s is 33 when you start to see them drop off.

Not to mention Rodgers is coming 2 of his worst years ever. Injury in 2017, and only 25 TDs in 2018. If he regresses to the mean and even throws for just 30 TDs, it’s going to be an insane boost for Adams. You gotta trade for him now, solidify those WRs who are less likely to be injured, and will continue to accrue value, then you can worry about that luxury spot at running back

He is my WR1 currently. In Rodgers worst statistical season ever and McCarthy at the helm, he was top 3.

I’d say their apex is much earlier than this. RBs Apex is the first 3 years. Decline begins going into their 5th. Unless I misunderstood and you are using Apex to mean their last productive season.

I was meaning age apex like they talk about on playerprofiler.com as in “cliff year” or when they start to fall off from elite production. Larry Fitz’s drop off from 2017 to 2018 is a pretty good example. Dropped a fantasy pros article with some info about that.

And you are absolutely right about RBs. They have a much more limited window for elite production. You’re lucky to get 3 great years. Any more than that and you’re seriously lucky. Gordon is a great sell right now while he’s at his peak, before his value declines even if he might still have a year or two left at high value. Adams could still be doing it for another 5 years at top 5 WR numbers.