M. Gordon over Barkley at 1.06, is this crazy?

ESPN 12-team standard. I’ll likely have the option of AB, Kamara, Barkley, but Melvin Gordon seems more appealing than all of them

I would go AB. Gordon will be a solid RB but AB is locked and loaded certified stud. There might be a chance Gordon gets back to you as well given the hype around the other two and with the other top receivers.

If he seems more appealing to you take him there cause he won’t be there the next round. conventional rankings put the other guys higher, with valid reasons. But as an actuary we have a saying about models that I think applies to fantasy rankings as well: “all of them are wrong, but some are useful”. Rankings are very useful, but at the end of the day the fun of fantasy football is making your own decisions, and nothing feels better than reaching on a player and getting vindicated at the end of the season. I got flack for taking Jordy Nelson early in the second in 2016 then laughed in everyone’s faces when he finished as the number 2 WR overall

That’s tough, i think it comes down to how you like to construct your teams. In standard it’s all about RBs, though it is tough to look past AB who is a stud in any format. If you feel happy with CMC/Howard/D.Freeman as your RB1 take AB if not take your favourite guy from that RB group and either go RB/RB and take one of the above in round 2 or take Adams or Allen in the 2nd as your WR1 then pivot back to RBs.

Personally while i hate to pass on AB, in a standard league i’d take Gordon he’s in the best situation and go from there. If he’s your guy as mentioned above then go for it, it’s meant to be fun after all! I’m all in on Gordon this year as well

I’d go RB just because the position drops off so hard but in all reality you can’t go wrong with AB either. I tend to go barkley because I feel like he has more boom potential but Gordon is a great pick here too and one I would definitely consider. In standard I also tend to consider fournette here, but tend not to take him if barkley is there.

I’m certainly not taking AB in round 1 because the dropoff of points and ability in the later RBs is insane. A stud RB gets basically the same number of points as AB and Jordan Howard combined. My only concern is the risk associated with Barkley, whereas Gordon has almost zero risk and to me is the safest pick. I’d take him over Kamara for sure, so it’s basically Barkley vs. Gordon. BUT it is likely I get Keenan Allen in round 2, is it bad for me to have both Keenan Allen and Melvin Gordon on my team? Or do I just go all in on the Chargers and get Rivers as my QB for an epic stack?

Haha i love the idea in a perfect world of the three way stack but i wouldn’t recommend it. If Allen is there and best available i don’t hate it and i would take him, but if Adams was there as it’s standard and Allen wont have his PPR advantage I’d take Adams for the TD upside