M. Gordon Trade Help!

I was offered M. Gordon for Miller and K. Benjamin…good deal? I have Hunt and Kamara. A. Brown, Kupp, Westbrook, J. Gordon…not sure if I should deal it. Thanks!!!

Nah trade Melvin straight up for a high End WR

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I’ll be getting Gordon in the deal

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I would take this trade. That is a stud RB trio, I’m looking at a trade where I’d be running about the same.

i would take that trade. But we don’t know how long Gordon will last, he hasn’t played a full season of football yet.

That’s my concern, I’m also not sure what production Miller would give me without Watson as they will load the box on the Texans. Benjamin with Taylor is a hit or miss as well but a nice schedule during the playoffs. Dilemma!!

But what’s gonna hurt even more is if you trade Gordon he stays healthy and kelvin, miller are bust while Gordon putting up a solid 15+

Yeah, I’d have Gordon putting up monster numbers with Hunt and Kamara. It would weaken my WR spot as I’ll only have Brown and Kupp with Dede and J. Gordon on the bench. I also have Ryan and Kelce. Could potentially put up a ton of points

Gordon is a pretty safe play and has a decent ROS. He has won me weeks with his production and he has the volume. I would do it

Thanks guys!