M Gordon trade idea

So I have Gordon and I was thinking what you guys thought of him ros

Would you trade him to get Connor and Hopkins
Or do you think there may be bigger fish that I could get with Gordon

I’d keep gordon he’s a stud

If Connor plays ros and Bell stays out, that trade would look genious, if not though its not so good. Kind of scared of gordons hamstring however as a fournette owner.

I was fortunate enough to trade away fournette early, so I’m scared of the same thing, I do think if Conner plays ros this would be good but it’s kind of a flip of the coin here I think

I have Gordon and was wondering the same thing man. I’m very interested to see what everyone else thinks

I’m going to take the risk on his hamstring and run him until there is some more certainty on the Conner front.
Not a trade I had considered previously but one I am thinking on now. I like it.

But I’m also the Ekeler owner so I can get away with a little extra time to feel this out.

First, I’d get Ekeler, if you can. If you can afford to wait a week and see what happens with Bell. I don’t think anything will. Personally, if you’re solid at RB, I’d do the trade. What are your other RBS and WRs like? @mtokarz3323

RB: kerryon, r freeman, Chubb, Gordon
WR: Julio, Boyd, Edelman, Sutton, Lockett, A Robinson

I technically don’t want to trade him but given the hamstring issue it scares me

If you can seriously flip Gordon for Hopkins and Conner, do that and run away as far as you can.