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M. Ingram/A.J. Green for Mixon/Landry


Who is getting the better end of this trade? Full point PPR


If Landry was performing as he usually does I would go with Mixon/Landry side… personally this is an extremely fair trade either way… go with the players you like the most. For me… I’d go with Mixon/Landry just because I like the players.


Green recipient wins I think… Mixon is an upgrade at RB, but Landry is a step down in WR in performance, at least as of late…


Yeah it seems very fair, I own Alvin Kamara and would be on the receiving end of Ingram/Green…Just dont know


I see your argument and I can agree with it at this point of the season… Landry has more ppr upside if he returns to form.


Fair point. Hoping he returns to form.

You can play Kamara and Ingram together, just not against the Ravens lol. They’re starting in lineups every week.


I like the Mixon side more. I prefer mixon to Ingram by a pretty wide margin. Love green but I do expect Landry to pick things up going forward with these upcoming matchups. Green is still better but given how valuable RBs are right now, especially work horse ones like Mixon, I just think he contributes more to the team.

Either way, I think it’s a very even exchange for both parties. Fair deal.