M. Lynch and C. Davis for T.Y. Hilton and L. Fournette?

Current RBs: Gordon, Drake, Lynch, Kerryon Johnson

Current WRs: Allen, Lockett, Cooper, Callaway, Davis, Watkins

Not a fan…

I have Fournette and I’m trying to get rid of him…I think by the end of the year, he’ll be a dud with an opportunity to bounce back next year.


Noooo keep marshawn he’s only going to become more of a beast with his volume rising and ty hilton can’t stay healthy for anything so just stick with what you got man.

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I don’t want fournette. His hamstring injury is not going away this season. have fun making start/sit decisions. Owning fournette without yeldon is like banging a hooker without rubbers. Give me the lynch/davis side.

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