M Sanders and J Jefferson for Dalvin cook trade advice

Hi Guys can I get some advice on a trade I’ve been offered in my .5 PPR super flex dynasty league. I’ve been offered Dalvin cook for M Sanders and J Jefferson, I’m the Barkley owner With really only J Howard as a starter to go along with sanders. I have Sutton, woods, Dionte Johnson, Jefferson, Pittman and Aiyuk At WR worth talking about. All advice welcome cheers in advance

Looks like you’re still building a contender, so upgrading Sanders to Cook at the price of Jefferson isn’t exactly a move that helps you long term.

With your roster of RBs and WRs, I would tend to feel like you’re about a mid-pack team, no? If yeah, a suggestion could be to sell off Sanders and Barkley while they are at their highest value currently to add a ton of high picks and young WRs, let them grow for 2-3 years, and then draft some rookie RBs and go from there.

Nothing is worse in dynasty than finishing mid-table year after year. Hope this helps my man. Happy fantasying.

Cheers Bud for the advice, much appreciated. It’s a 12 team dynasty start up so I’ve a bit to go yet, fantasy pro has me graded as a B and a projection of 3rd for the season. I turned the trade down because of upside from both players, and the fragility of Cook. He also had Mattison and wouldn’t part with him.

Ignore the fantasy pros ratings. It’s just an auto-generated result based on players ADP. If you do a mock on the site and take their suggested player everytime, you’ll always get an A+


Dynasty is hardcore!