M. Sanders+Breida+DJax+a 1st for C. Carson+C. Thompson+a 4th?

12-team HPPR, 2 keeper. My two keepers are Kamara and Cook currently. Should I do it?

Keepers take up rounds 1+2

What does the rest of your team look like?

How do you trade a 1st when it is taken by your keeper?

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1st would be the equivalent of a 3rd, and 4th would be the equivalent of a 6th.

D. Cook
K. Allen
R. Woods
O. Howard

M. Sanders
L. Murray
J. Hill
E. Sanders
D. Jackson
C. Samuel

ok, i think you are offering too much. See if you can get it done with Breida, DJax, and a 2nd or 3rd. let the other change their 4th to their last pick.

Breida, DJax, and a 3rd for Carson, C Thompson, and a last pick.

Start there and let them counter and negotiate up

After a lot of debate, ended up with my 1st for his 3rd.

Got Carson. Final trade was:

Sent: Matt Breida, Desean Jackson, Miles Sanders, 2020 First round pick, 2020 Tenth round pick.

Received: Chris Carson, Chris Thompson, John Ross, 2020 Third round pick, 2020 Eighth round pick