M Thomas and James White for Ingram?

alternatively, I’m gonna offer this guy Jeffery and Tate for Dez, which feels like an overpay. I have way too many receivers and need to consolidate low to mid WR2s into WR1s to go with Crabtree. Thomas has WR1 upside obviously but the point still stands. Standard 12 team

QB - Russell Wilson
WR - M Thomas, Crabtree, Jeffery, Tate, Thielen
RB - D Murray, T Coleman, James White, D Henry, L Murray

I’m 4-4 and with a little shakeup I think I can grind my way to the playoffs!

Jeffrey/Tate for Dez is a bad deal for you. I seriously have no clue why everyone considers Dez a WR1. For 3 years he hasn’t been that. I would much rather have Tate than Dez for sure. M Thomas/James White I think it a great deal for Ingram for you.

Edit: I just saw its a standard league…so I guess that makes a little difference. That deal is closer in standard for sure, but I would still target someone else besides Dez for those two.

In standard it just feels like Tate doesn’t get it done. Also TJ and Marvin Jones looked great last week and Golloday is coming back. I realize Tate will maintain his target share for the most part but may see a downtick. Jeffery feels like a very empty scorer, and I’m scared the eagles are about to get a receiver at the deadline. Lord knows theyre trying. before this week it even looked like Jeffery was losing his role to Agholor