M. Thomas for Ajayi?

What do you think of Thomas for Ajayi straight up in a standard league my current Wrs are Thomas D Parker Crabtree so would have to get a Wr of the waiver wire. My RBs are K Hunt M Gordon Buck Allen Alex Collins R Kelly Perine and Brieda

Nah you already have two good RBs

You already have two RB’s I would start over Ajayi every week, so I wouldn’t.

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I always liked to use 3 good RBs in a standard league so it’s hard for me not to pull the trigger

Keep michael thomas. He is such a stud man don’t throw him away for a gamble loke ajayi.

Yeah I hear you. He has lost a bunch of players on his team so I am trying to get him to trade Gurley to me instead