M. Thomas for D. J? Time sensitive!

Hey all :
12 person ppr.

Give: Thomas
Recieve: David Johnson

Other Wr: JuJu, Trequan Smith, Kirk

Other rb: Latavious Murray, Isiah crowell, barber, J. Rachard

What does the footclan think??

id keep Thomas here, probably will score more points over the season

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You need rb help. Maybe target someone else instead of DJ

He countered, said he would add in Allen Robinson. So id give Thomas for dj and Allen Robinson

@MikeMeUpp what do you think?

Instadecline. You can do way better for MT than this.


Yeah Iā€™d wait till after this week. MT is poised for a big game.

This. MT is a stud. DJ is an Rb2

Someone needs to lay off instapot meals but agree. MT=monster.