M. Thomas, G. Tate, A. Abdullah OR K. Allen, D. Murray, I. Crowell

10 Team .5 ppr

I have Dak, Zeke, Hyde, AB, M. Thomas, H. Henry, J. Kearse, G. Tate, A. Abdullah, J. Allen, Cousins, Foreman, Matthews, C. Davis

I have Kearse and Allen to play tonight and could still get the win against a weak opponent however my team in 7-0 and could afford the loss if something crazy happened. With that being said, I don’t really need to rush Tate out the door. Hes hurt but I can afford waiting for his return. My roster would basically lose Thomas for Allen and replace Murray at the flex over what would have been tate. Also gives me some risk mitigation in case Elliot exits with a suspension.

Id probably drop crowell tho… for like doctson or a dirty sock