M Thomas Trade Advice/Options

I have a couple options trading M Thomas away. I threw out there that I’m interested in trading him since I have Evans, Green, and Josh Gordon in my depth.

  1. M Thomas and Cohen for Bell and Cook
  2. M Thomas and Cohen for Kamara
  3. M Thomas for David Johnson
  4. M Thomas and Cohen for Fournette and McCoy

Ingram is also out there as a potential target but that depends on whether you believe M Thomas or Evans will be a better bet ROS. I could probably get him for either or.

I would actually trade Evans for whatever you can get. I think his value is inflated because he actually connected better with Fitzpatrick.


1 and 2 are the only ones of interest and you only need to give MT up in both of them, keep Cohen. MT for Cook and Bell is giving away a stud for two guys you can’t use right away, and MT for Kamara is fair enough 1 for 1.

1st offer is interesting as you have a solid enough WR and as long as your RB core is okay to hold Bell and Cook, could put you over the top when they both get back but it’s risky. But no risk, no reward right.

Agree with the above, i’d trade Evans right now and ride with MT and Green

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My RB core isn’t bad but I’d like it to be better. I have Gurley and Michel as my starters with Conner who could be phased out shortly. After that I have Kerryon, Cohen, and Mack. I’ve been focusing more on picking up RBs to try and grab another RB1 to solidify my record and championship.

Who should I be targeting with Evans? The Bell owner doesn’t want Evans for sure and I’m not sure how high the Kamara owner is on him. I might be able to swing McCoy and Fournette for Evans and one of my RBs though since I almost had McCoy for Josh Gordon.

McCoy and Fournette would be a good return for Evans in my view