M thomas trade

I am being offered M. Thomas in a dynasty format for my Kupp and Golladay.
I just don’t know if this is a good deal with it being a dynasty and the QB situation long term, Advice?

I think it depends on your talent and depth at WR. I lean Michael Thomas because I view him as a top 5 WR talent, regardless of his QB. Plus I think the Saints will figure out a good successor for Brees. I just don’t see Kupp or Golladay’s ceiling close to what Michael Thomas can bring to your team. But it’s definitely a close trade.

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Assuming your team can afford losing the depth, this is a fine trade.

Love both Kupp and Golladay but this is a fair offer to get a top 8 dynasty asset in MT. He’s a top 4 WR.

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100% take it and run!
MT is a first round talent in dynasty startup (any format). Kupp and Golladay are 4th/5th round material. Still great pieces, but not stud level as MT.

I recommend keeping your Michael Thomas, Kupp is great but he only has 1 stud year and that came off a nasty injury, Golladay doesn’t have the best situation in my opinion.

But to be honest it depends on your situation on your team, if you have on your roster a MT (a 1) and lets say your 2 as a worse prospect than Kupp or Golladay, it may be worth it for you long term.

He owns Kupp and Golladay :wink:

Then i would take that Thomas in a heartbeat, my info stands MT is a much better deal unless you really dont have any more depth behind Kupp and Golladay

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It is INFINITE, it is ALL, and it is RIGHT!!!

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