M Thomas Value?

Do you think that M Thomas continues to be a WR1 ROS? I have AJ Green, M Evans, and J Gordon as well which I think have better upside. Thomas is a consistent target in the Saints offense though which is a huge plus.

I’m looking in terms of trade value because I’m trying to secure my championship for the second year in a row. I have a solid team and having another RB1 to compliment Gurley would be a huge plus!

I think you can get a solid RB1/RB2 for Thomas.

I’m thinking about a team that needs a solid WR and targeting a Zeke, CMC, Mixon (I do have injury concerns). If you could get a mid WR like Tate, Cooks, J. Brown or Baldwin (b/c of injury) maybe ask for a RB like a Michel or Coleman. Keep a solid WR and get a guy to back up byes or switch based off of matchups.

Yeah I’ve got Michel right now, my problem is losing Conner. Once I lose Conner I’ll have Gurley and then it’s Michel. After that my RB depth drops off significantly with Kerryon and Cohen. My WR depth is definitely stronger.

Honestly Michel is getting all the goaline work and the Pats have had great success for goaline running backs. I can see him being a solid RB2 sort of player with a few RB1 games every few weeks. As for Conner, I wouldn’t’ be surprised if this stuff with Bell gets dragged out longer. Something isn’t right with him. Anything interesting for RBs on the waivers?

Marlon Mack and Ito Smith is really all there is. After that it’s kind of dead.

What about Melvin Gordon? He has been balling this year.

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As far as trading for him goes?

I would trade away Thomas and go for a top 10 RB straight up.

CMC, Mixon or Zeke would be initial thoughts. Especially if the other team is in need of a WR it could be more inciting. Your WR depth is solid and you can still rotate in others for flex play. I still think Conner has a lot of starting RB in him b/c this Bell thing is going to drag out longer.

What about going out and grabbing Bell and possibly Dalvin Cook? Using someone like Cohen to package with M Thomas for Bell and Cook to the Bell owner who is outside of playoff contention currently?

Or possibly to a tilting Kamara owner?