M V S - Who will he hurt?

MVS has looked pretty good over these couple of weeks. Who do you think he hurts more? Cobb or Allison owners? It seems to me that Allison > Cobb, but it also looks like Allison and MVS do more of their work on the outside.

That doesn’t mean he has to though… from my admittedly inexperienced eyes, mvs seems like he’s be a great fit in the slot

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When healthy, Cobb > Allison > MVS.

1-When has Cobb ever been healthy?

2- Eye test only, MVS is jumping off the screen. They need him on the field.

3-Allison is the worst athlete of the three, but that doesn’t make him a bad WR. Guy does little things very well and knows how to get open.

Nelson was never an excellent athlete, but he was a monster because of the little things. We can’t keep waiting to develop young receivers because we’re waiting for Cobb to get healthy

Based on what i’ve seen so far, Allison is the #2 and from a fantasy perspective, the guy I would like to own out of that entire crop outside of Adams. I don’t even think it’s too close. Outside of that broken play Cobb had in week 1, he has looked like a below average WR. Probably due to injury but from a fantasy perspective, it doesn’t matter. He just looks bad. Dropping passes everywhere and just isn’t in sync with rodgers.

And from an Air yards perspective, Allison is the one who is getting the deep balls and throws. I think he might even lead Adams in terms of air yards. Rodgers has shown he is more than willing to give Allison shots to make plays down the field in single coverage, which is important because he will see a tonne of it.

MVS has also looked great. But again, that’s just a function of rodgers as well. IMO, I think MVS takes the snaps from Cobb over Allison. He may take some snaps outside as well but he’s good enough to roll right into the slight and give that big body/speed guy coming out of the slot. Similar to what Q did for Darnold.


Totally same opinion from a long time packers fan and watcher

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As someone who reached a round early for Allison in 12 team drafts that is most certainly what I want to hear. :slight_smile:

MVS is looking really good this game… not sure if you’re watching it

Yep I’m watching it. I mean give Rodgers any big bodied dude who is fast and can catch, and can learn, and you have a recipe for success. Rodgers turned James Jones into a WR1. Dude is a replacement level player.

I don’t necessarily disagree, but that last catch he had to come back and get it with plenty of contact. Good throw, but an actually good catch too

That last look on the 4th down throw from Rodgers tells me he would rather have the vet guys in that he knows/knows him a little better.

I’m short a WR in my lineup and wondering if I should pick up MVS but I worry about his usage once the others are back

Worth a stash if not worth a play.

Cobb’s hamstring injury sounded serious.

Not sure about Allison’s it’s been listed a few weeks and pretty sure he was playing on it prior to the concussion, unless he tweaked it.

I liked those odds for MVS to have value at some point during this season and I don’t see Cobb coming back next year so also possible Keeper option.

Crosby with the comeback to redeem himself. Woo that game was good. Jeez Aaron Rodgers & Adams.

I traded away DeVante Adams + Lynch for Antonio Brown…his performance this game made that sting a little bit. My god he played well and was clutch

Yeah for sure. From what I’ve seen over the years from rodgers, as great as he is, it takes him the longest of nearly any of the “greats” to warm to receivers. A lot of the routes that the packers rely on are extremely timing dependent, which can’t be made up for with athleticism