Macffrey trade offer

10 team ppr. Start 3 we 2 rb’s 2 w/r/t. I have Mcaffrey and a guy want to trade me Gurley, Henderson, and Watkins. Any thoughts/help is much appreciated my fantasy brothers and sisters.

I’m high on CMC so theres no way id do this in my full PPR league. Too much risk in the 3 guys being offered.

Hard pass. People think you’ll be able to trot out both gurley and henderson and get production on a week to week basis. That is not the case. If Gurley plays, Henderson will not be startable week to week.

CMC is a locked in 80-90% share guy who gets all the goal line work (sans cam).

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Thanks for the advice guys as I was leaning on rejecting it but just wanted some opinions.

Feels like the offer is meant to appear like a mirage… like Mike mentioned, receiving both Gurley and Henderson doesn’t assure you of top end production if Gurley misses time - CMC is a safe top 3 option IMO and the sheen on Watkins faded years ago - the idea that he’ll suddenly be a top 10 WR if Hill misses significant time (and I’m not convinced he will at this point) is kind of counterproductive to what he’s done his whole career to this point.

I keep CMC, 100%

CMC is for sure top 5 this year. Gurley, Henderson and Watkins = too much ifs