Mack attack back on track?

Got Marlin in the Draft and then…well…we all know what happened and after weeks I dropped him. BUT…he blew it up yesterday!!! 32 pts PPR. Is he really BACK…or just a lucky fluke against BUF???

he’s back. andrew luck will keep the defenses honest imho

Hope you’re right @amacrn198794…cuz I’m fixin’ to try to grab him off waivers in the morning for Smallwood!!!

I would play him any day over smallwood. Philly is a RB committee mess

EXACTLY!!! I picked up Smallwood after Ajayi went down…yeah RIGHT huh???

Idk, Smallwood turned out great for me, he was part of a large package I put together for Julio :sunglasses:

Ah. Well…just going on my own league. Full PPR here…and he only got me 5 pts this week (on my bench Thank God!!!) So thinking Mack will prob do better for me than Smallwood. Smallwood has too many other mouths to feed along with him. Mack seems to be back to being one of Luck’s fave targets. So…therefore…really looking at him hard right now!!!

Should have picked him up before this weekend, but GL on waivers

Yeah…I know what you’re saying there buddy. I also had Doyle from the Draft. At some point I had to say Au Revoir to them both. Can’t sit on them forever not knowing IF and WHEN they might make it back. BUT…thanks for the hope in getting Mack back. Gonna try to get my Draft buddy back!!! :smirk:

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I had Mack but dropped him for Chubb this week. Should I try to grab him and drop someone like Cohen? That would be the only person I really could drop.