Mack for Reed in Dynasty

Would you consider trading Marlon Mack for Jordon Reed in a 0.5 ppr 10-man dynasty league?

I just picked up Vernon Davis so I could play Reed’s injuries.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and cherished for generations!

I don’t play dynasty but the trade looks good for this year.

Depending on what you think Indy has plans for next year at RB. Would they stick with Gore who hasn’t been great or will they use their first or second round picks on a back like I don’t remember the name of the kid from Penn State, Saquan Barkley?

Mack is a fourth rounder so semi-important investment but probably not a foundational piece considering the owner, GM and HC.

I like Mack more than Reed and we’re seeing exactly what Reed and most top flight TE’s are, high ceiling but huge injury risk due to the Swiss Army type role they have in the offense where they are part o-line part receiver heck some TE’s even play full back!

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