Mack hit waivers

Mack for the colts hit waivers and i have $66 in FAAB left. My RB’s are connor, michel, Thompson, McCoy, and Cohen. Which one would you drop for him and how much FAAB should i use. As you can see i need RB help. So as of right now i have myself dropping cohen for him at $21. waivers go threw at 1pm EST time so quick help would be awesome my friends.


someone who does FAAB help this guy! Obviously a must pick up, hopefully people arent on top of the waivers. but just from listening to the ballers, that seems like a good spot to go. what is your current RB situation?

I’d probably drop cohen and spend it all or close to it at least. Marlon Mack has been looking solid

I would think about 20-25 bucks personally. leaves you with money to spend if needed later so I think you’re right on that

How many in your league and what does the WW depth for RBs look like?

I would spend $40-$66 in my league and try and pick up Wilkins if you need a play this weekend. Mack is a high volume RB and you don’t want to let him slip.

I’d drop Cohen.

Spend would depend on league tendencies. What have they been willing to spend on stud RBs in the past? If you don’t have any history to look at, I would say $35-45. You’re not going to see a player like that hit the waiver wire very often.

50+, maybe all.

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Damn! Mack is a top 15 in standard, 25 in ppr, whos this guy have in rbs to be able to drop him?! All or nothing! :sunglasses:

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keep us posted, im truly curious to see how it goes for you

went ahead at put 35 down and looking to drop cohen, know we wait…

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Good call, after saying all in, i was thinking at least half your faab, but i got excited

Unless this is like a 6 team league, I’d be going all in.

That’s wild! Who did he pick up to drop Mack??? I snagged Curtis Samuel and James White off of waivers for $12 total in a 12-teamer and I thought THAT was a heist

put 41 in my opinion

well I got him for 35! I needed that with connor not performing the greatest, thanks for the input everyone!


Any other bids??

ya 5 others, $10,17,20,23, and 31. no clue why someone would drop him just because his calf issue, which is no to serious but hey il take it.

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You’ve just made the biggest waiver score of the season, get this guy a trophy!

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nice! glad you ended up upping it, congrats my dude, AMAZING waiver scoop