Mack + JBrown for Gronk + T Smith

So here is my team

QB: Winston, Cousins
RB: Barkley, Hunt, DCook, Chubb, KJ, A AJones, Mack
WR: Hilton, Diggs, Boyd, Brown
D: Bears

Would you sell off Mack+Brown for Gronk+T Smith? I finally have the Gronk owner ready to sell and want to capitalize.

I’m shopping this exact same pair right now, I’m looking for a big name and trying to sweeten the deals with drew brees. You should do this for sure. Your roster is loaded. And will have that final piece.

Thanks for feedback!

Looking at your roster, I think I would rather try and land a big WR instead of Gronk. You should take Mack/Kerryon + JBrown/Boyd and try and land like a brandin cooks or something.

OJ Howard is a fine play ROS but your WRs are on the weaker side. You have a lot of solid lower tier WR1 or WR2 but no stud who you basically auto start every week.

ANd once you get Gronk, OJ Howard, although great, you won’t get as much value for cause people don’t trade for TEs who arent gronk/kelce/ertz. Basically what I’m saying is the value you get from playing OJ howard > value you get from trading him.

Dang it Mike lol. I canceled this trade. This same owner has MT. How would you go after him if you were me?

Hey man don’t just make decisions based on me. I’m just giving you my opinion and as you’ve seen, I’ve been wrong plenty of times on here. In a vacuum, i think that trade is still a great trade cause I personally love gronk. So if you want to take the trade, you can still do it. I was just saying what I might do.

MT is tough. That is like the WR1 in fantasy right now. Maybe WR2 if you wanna put AB ahead of him. His production is there and his perceived value is there as well. I don’t see how you could get MT for anything short of like Chubb + Diggs/Hilton + like another piece like KJ or something. And if you did that, not sure if it benefits your team that much. I was saying to target more of the middling WR1 guys or low WR1 guys by using your depth. Which is why I brought up the potential Cooks trade.

Would you go after MT with Hunt straight up with my deep RB situation?

You could but my advice is to never overestimate your RB depth. Things can change in a heart beat. Like let’s say you dump hunt right, and 2 weeks from now, Barkley’s hamstring acts up again. Then you’re left with Chubb and KJ as your starting RBs. Not a good spot to be in.

Value in trades is done by acquiring the later positions. It’s never done by going after like the best WR or the best RB. People who trade for Gurley almost always lose. Same for like MT.

Like imagine if you trade Chubb + Boyd for like Brandin Cooks which is a very reasonable thing to accomplish. Hell if they need RBs, I bet you might even get Chubb for Cooks straight up. Now let’s say its 2 weeks from now and Barkley gets injured. Then at you still have Hunt + KJ/mack/Ajones rotation to carry the load with 3 very solid WRs. Much better spot to be in.

Makes sense. The Cooks owner is an anti trader. This guy also has Evans, DT and Galladay though. Go after Galladay? What’s a reasonable offer that won’t get me laughed out the room here? He is pretty weak at RB with not more than Zeke.

Golladay is a bit below the tier I’d be looking to go after. Also, you own KJ so you don’t want golladay. Think like people in the same tier as Diggs/Cooks/Hilton. JJSS is another example of someone in that tier. Evans is another for sure but looks like he has him as well.

You could also take Mack + Diggs and try and get a boost up to the higher tier that way into like a AJ Green.

You’re realistically not going to be starting Hilton + Mack.

Sidenote: Riddick is still dealing with Knee Injury. Kerryon getting his time under the lights yet again. I can’t wait to see him average 6 ypc to have Fatrisha send in blount/Abdullah.

Mike I may just sit still man. Last question: how you you set my lineup this week? Here is our format:


Oh yeah, ppr

QB: Winston
RB: Barkley
RB/WR: Hunt
WR: Hilton
WR/TE: Diggs - Also wouldn’t fight you if you played Boyd here vs tampa. Diggs going to draw Lattimore who has been solid since week 1 vs tampa and he typically struggles more vs elite cornerbacks.
Flex: Chubb/KJ/Mack - Pick whoever you like more tbh. If Riddick is out again, KJ gets more appeal. If Riddick plays, would probably play Mack or Chubb.
Def: Bears
K: Stream someone

I have Buckner as K. Thanks man. Will probably roll with Hilton and Diggs and flex between Boyd, Chubb and KJ. Kinda leaning Chubb honestly. I’m hooked on his talent and opportunities. He was an inch away from a second TD and a single break away play from 100 last week. I believe he gets to 100 this week with at least 1 TD. Thanks again for all your time

Chubb’s a good pick. I have no issues with you starting him.

Just consider the only risk there is that steelers being at home, blows the game open a bit. And they got more firepower than Buccs so if game gets out of hand, might be duke show.