Mack Keeper Question

12 man keeper league. My best 2 options are Marlon Mack for a 9th or DJ Moore for a 9th. I was clearly leaning Mack, however should I change my decision based on the recent Luck injury news? Thanks for the feedback!

Personally I would still stick with Mack there. Even if Luck misses some time they have Brissett as their back up and he should be able to keep the offense from being complete trash.

szpernogas makes a good point. Mack’s going to be used regardless of who’s under center. I’d add that their o-line is good enough to overcome raised expectations that they’re going to run rather than pass.

RBs with Mack’s role and talent are harder to come by than WRs in Moore’s situation.

And Mack doesn’t have anybody eating into his touches the way Curtis Samuel could eat into Moore’s totals.