Mack on waivers

Mack hit the wire yesterday. I have DJ and Mattison on my bench. Mack is expected to miss “a few” weeks and has tough matchups when he returns. Would you pick him up and drop Mattison or keep the handcuff to avoid an extended absence or IR in 1-2 weeks? Not mentally prepared to drop DJ yet…

Meh, I’d pass.

A few weeks means he’s out most likely 12-14? So comes back Week 15. Wouldn’t be too excited about starting him after three weeks off against the Saints. I think the Colts will have a need for him for sure when he does come back but I’d rather hold Mattison who can easily become a top 10 if Cook were to go down.

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Agree. Someone actually dropped Theilen so I stashed him. Figured he would be back earlier.

I did pick up Mack off waivers but I was cutting Colonel Raheem Mustard. We have an IR slot so Mack will sit there until he is ready. However, I dont think I would have given up a handcuff or DJ for him.

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I would have done the same thing if we had an IR slot. I dropped the Colonel for Thielen.