Mack or Aaron Jones

Who should I start? 1/2 ppr, and in a virtual must win spot.

Jones. He has the better matchup.

I agree. Cold Lambeau. Miami may be down Kiki Alonso (sadly one of their better defenders) and hemouraghing rb points. Talent plus opportunity. I expect Jacksonville to play the Colts pretty tough with a good deal of Fournette burning clock.

Better matchup yes, but GB is STILL yet to fully unleash him, and he fumbled in clutch time last week. Mack has been more of a bellcow and with a stronger Jags secondary I can see Colts trying to run more. This is why this is tough lol

The thing about Mack is, in his 3 games since he’s been back he’s had it pretty easy. The last two weeks were against BUF and OAK. You’re talking a WHOLE different ballgame vs Jax. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I would not classify BUF as an easy D to play against. That was more game script beacause of their offensive ineptitude. Once you get up on them by a field goal it’s all over :joy:

Well it only took Jones a little over a quarter to make me hate myself. :sob:

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Well, I didn’t play him either. But…I DID play Chubb!!! Got me 39 flipping points PPR!!! :heart_eyes:

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Nice, He had himself a day! In a battle right now. Picking Mack over Jones will prob cost me the week. Gotta love/hate fantasy

At least you have him. There’s always next week. They unleashed the hell out of Jones and he proved them right. Williams barely touched the ball. Packers win.