Mack or Cohen

Who would you start this week?

M. Mack vs Tenn
T. Cohen vs Minn

I kind of want to go with Cohen. The main reason is due to the big play possiblity. I am playing Conner as my RB1. I also have great WRs in M. Thomas, J. Jones and B. Cooks. I think I can afford a miss if Cohen does not break one, but could be a boom this week.


Any Thoughts?

I say cohen, bad matchup for Mack

I would rather choose mack, he doesnt have jordan howard to steal the goal line touches from him or any touches for that matter. he’s a true workhorse

I agree with you on Howard and I have enjoyed Howard on my team his first 2 years. This coaching staff is different and when they play behind or in close game Howard fades away. Where as the last 2 year, they played from behind every week, but Howard still pulled off 1200 yards. It is Cohen’s big play ability that has mean leaning that way. And yes I understand if he doesnt break one of his 10 touches he is a bust. He can also be game scripted out, but I dont see that happening against Minn.

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I’d go with Cohen personally

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