Mack or Freeman

I doubt I’ll be able to get him but should I put in a waiver claim for Marlon Mack? I will need to drop Royce Freeman.

Standard PPR format

My other RBs are Lev Bell (f*ck me sideways), Joe mixon, Tevin Coleman, Kerryon Johnson, and Buck Allen

I snagged him last week so I’m in on him. It’s tough to drop Freeman right now. I honestly think I would drop Allen first. Freeman does at least have a much higher ceiling than Allen

True, I’ve held freeman for this long because I know the valuable upside that he offers if he could just get more snaps. Vance Joseph is just awful though. I think he said something like “we need to get freeman more involved” and then gave freeman even less carries.

Allen is getting used a lot in the passing game, and he’s used more in goal to go than Alex collins. Allen and freeman are obviously my worst 2 RBs, but I can’t see myself ever starting freeman over allen.

I don’t see you starting either most likely and once I’m down to that point I would rather have the ceiling of Freeman. One injury to a very small guy in LIndsey and Freeman is an RB2 I think. Collins is a bruiser and isn’t as slight of a guy. I have Allen and he is very TD dependent if you are playing him.

Dude… what ceiling are you talking about?

He’s had 8, 5, and 9 carries in his last 3 games. In his best 3 games he got 8.8 points, 12.8 points, and 12.7 points. All 3 of those weeks he had TDs, and if you take those away he looks like 2.2, 6.8, and 6.7… So the ceiling is 12 points

He has become just as TD dependent as Allen, if not even more dependent due to his lack of involvement in the passing game.