Mack or Parker or Singletary or Snell - Pick 2!

10 team PPR.

Please help me footclan!

Need a win to make playoffs! Pick two between the following:

Marlon Mack
D. Singletary
B. Snell Jr.
D. Parker

That’s really tough. I would lean Parker and Snell. Mack is tempting because of their o-line.

Parker. He’s actually a very good WR. Maybe Snell. If you win with Snell change your team name to Benny and the Jets next week.

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LOL Benny and the Jets!

I’m leaning Parker and Snell myself. But it is hard to bench Mack. I often adhere to the “play your studs” rule, and Mack has been a stud-like when healthy.

Definitely start Parker, and I’m starting Mack myself this week. Granted I don’t have many better options but Snell is available. I think both have pretty equal chances of a 12-16 point game but Mack is a stud which leaves him the opportunity to excel further throughout the game. So I’d bet on the talents of Mack.

I would say Parker and smell. I will be relying on Mack next week but with how well TB Defense is playing against the RB and with it being his first week back I would temper expectations if you’re going to play him. Good luck!