Mack Trust?

Can we trust Mack ROS? I am thinking of shopping him around. I understand he is heading up the backfield and the OL is preforming better. I just worry that it could end at any point.

Would it be fair to offer Mack, Cooks for Hunt? The Hunt owner is struggling at WR.

My Team:
RB: Conner, Mack, Lat Murrary, Cohen, (Bell)
WR: J. Jones, M. Thomas, Cooks, Hilton, G. Allison

Start 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 Flex.
0.5 PPR
5 pt bonus for 100 total yards. Basically the value of a TD for 100 total yards.

I’m shopping him, intently.

Is Cooks, Mack for Hunt fair?

I think its fair but I doubt that gets it done. Hunt is getting consistent volume for the top offense in football. He’s on a tear right now and isn’t an injury risk, so if I was the Hunt owner, I’d want you to have to overpay . Your offer is kind of like offering two 50’s for a dollar. If I’m giving up the dollar, I want something closer to 75+50.

As the Hunt and Mack owner in our league, it would be a quick reject. But hey, I see moronic trades I’d never fathom happening on here all the time. Test the waters.

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You better get a RB back if you do trade him. Looking pretty thin without him but yeah, you’d be selling high by definition.