Mack/Wilson for Bell/Brown

Received an offer:

I give mack and russell wilson
I get Lev Bell and john brown

12 team full ppr league.

My other RBs: Carson, Michel, Singletary
WRs: Julio, Juju, Boyd
QB: josh allen


I wouldn’t, Russ is a top 5 QB you could get more for him. The return of John Brown isn’t enough to make that move. Mack and Lev Bell are basically the same player in terms of stats. That’s my opinion.

i like having josh allen as a spot start, especially over next 4-5 weeks. but wilson and mack have been great so far. id hold, or at least go for more on the WR portion of the trade.

lev for mack is a good value for good value, especially with jets schedule AFTER pats game.