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Maclin, Garcon or Crowder?


Rank them! Thoughts?


Assuming this is PPR…

I’d rank them 1) Maclin 2) Crowder 3) Garcon. Although of these 3, Garcon so far is my most drafted. You can get him really late and I think he’s a lock for about 90 catches.


Based on where you’d be drafting them I’d say Garcon, Maclin, Crowder.

By time you get to the later rounds where you would draft one of these guys you should have your WR2 set. Garcon has a higher celling, Maclin/Crowder have a safer floor. When looking for a flex or Position3 I look for a high celling rather than going safe.


Garçon because he will be the #1, crowder will split with Pryor, Maclin has injury concerns plus will split his targets.


Scoring format matters a lot here. PPR I’d go Crowder, Garcon, Maclin. Standard I’d probably go Garcon, Maclin, Crowder.


Maclin, Garcon, Crowder in a PPR.

I love Maclin in the 9th maybe even reach for the 8th if you dont think he falls again. I think he fits in perfectly with Joe Flacco’s #1 receiver who he always targets heavily. I think he is getting very undervalued because of a not so great injury filled season in KC.

Garcon is going to be a high target high reception guy reuniting with Shanahan. Hes also going pretty late and i think he is a good stream option for those tough weeks.

Crowder i think has the highest upside and the lowest floor. Washington has quite a few options to target so thats quite a question mark but hes shown that hes a reliable slot guy. His value will depend on if he finds the endzone consistently. Hes also going higher than both Maclin and Garcon.


In a vacuum, Garçon then Maclin then Crowder. Garçon has lots of potential and you can’t help to be enticed by the dirty cake. I’m concerned about Crowder with another red zone threat in Pryor and a healthy Jordan Reed.