Maclin, Hurns, or Decker rest of season?

Hey guys, which wr would you want for the rest of the season? I like Maclin’s schedule for the important run from weeks 13-16.

I’d rate these guys this way…

Decker 1
Maclin 2
Hurns 3

Let’s start with Hurns. He does have a slight upside, but he will be limited because Bortles passing game is expected to be cut off.

Maclin probably will get targeted an ample amount and I agree I like the week match ups in 13-15. Problem is… it’s Baltimore. They have been struggling and really unpredictable, especially through the air.

So that leaves Decker… who I think still has a bit to show us in the remainder of the season. He has the talent and I think we have yet to really see his ceiling. I expect to see him pick up momentum and continue to get opportunities.

Best of luck with your decision and season.

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