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Maclin or Dez Bryant?


I’m in a 3 WR league, no flex. Antonio Brown and Fitzgerald are starting. For the third spot I am looking at Maclin or Bryant. Maclin has a favorable matchup against Dennard, Dez Bryant has an uphill battle against Jenkins, but I didn’t draft him to sit on the bench. Thoughts?


Bryant. I won’t trust Maclin with a new QB who’s not necessarily healthy and with whom he did not get the benefit of a training camp with until they prove it.


Dez. Flacco missing preseason means him and Maclin are slightly behind. Dez always has WR1 upside.


Thanks for the input. Dez was my plan initially, but the more I read about the matchups the more torn I am. Either way, I will stick with Bryant. Hopefully he figures out how to shake Jenkins.


Its definitely not an ideal matchup, but we Maclin is a complete unknown at this point.