Maclin over Diggs or Murray?

14 Team League, 1/2 PPR
Start J. Maclin over D. Murray or S. Diggs?

Current line up: QB- Prescott, WR1- Tate, WR2- Diggs, RB1- Murray, RB2- K. Hunt, TE- D. Walker, Flx - T. Montgomery, Def - Pitt


I like your lineup how it is ! If your going to take anyone out tho I’d take diggs out

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I think the way you have it is correct

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Thanks Fellas! Just needed to hear that ‘Voice Of Reason’.

I like Diggs this week. The Steelers defense is good, but I don’t think theyre good enough to absolutely shut down a receiver like Diggs. And I’m assuming you drafted Diggs ahead of Maclin, and you probably drafted Diggs to start in your lineup. I’d personally go with Diggs without regret.