Made 2 Trades - thoughts?

I made 2 deals today in my 2 different leagues, so thoughts on them? Will provide league details and rosters with both trades.

10 Team PPR (Start 1Q/2R/3W/1T/1F/1D/1K):
D. Montgomery RB CHI
R. Jones II RB TB

A. Gibson RB WSH
M. Gordon III RB DEN
K. Osborn WR MIN

Q - Hurts, Tannehill
R - Elliott, Najee, Gibson, Gordon, Dillon, Pollard, Patterson
W - K. Allen, Kupp, C. Davis, Fuller V (Currently on IR slot), Osborn, Meyers, Jeudy (IR)
T - Waller
K - (none)
Need to drop (1) guy to activate Fuller, and another (1) guy to add a Kicker - who would you drop, Tannehill and…?

12 Team PPR (Start 1Q/2R/2W/1T/1F/1D/1K):
T. Kelce TE KC
J. Conner RB ARI
S. Shepard WR NYG
B. Aiyuk WR SF

D. Swift RB DET
J. Jones WR TEN
N. Fant TE DEN

Q - D. Jones, Lance
R - Mixon, Swift, Henderson, Jamaal Williams, Patterson
W - ARob, Julio, Pittman, E. Moore
T - Fant
K - Succop

For your first team, i like the trade and if anything think it’s a bit of a wash.

I view Gibson and Monty as having similar value, just depends on which guy you think will have a better season. I went into the season thinking it would be Gibson, but he needs a bit more receiving work for that to come to fruition. So basicly to me you traded Rojo for Gordon+Osborn which is fine and gives you a bit more depth.

For the cuts i would do Tannehill like you said and then personally i think i’d pick Dillon as i just don’t think he has any standalone value without an injury to Jones. If you’d rather stay RB heavy then it would have to be either Osborn or Meyers. Osborn’s playing out of his mind but is arguably the 3rd-4th option on his team, where Meyers (albeit has a rookie QB that isn’t chucking it downfield yet) could debatably be the WR1 on the Pats. Pretty much between him and Agholor and we just don’t know how that will shake out yet.

The second trade however i don’t feel great about it. I completely get why you did it, you needed an RB due to having very little depth and a potentially hurt Henderson, I’m just not sure Swift was the guy to target. He’s on a terrible team that will more often than not be playing from behind, limiting his opportunities, and jamaal williams will deff still be involved. On top of that, you had to involve Kelce to sweeten the deal. Fant is an okay replacement, but the TE position feels exceptionally barren this year outside of Kelce/Waller/Hockenson, so that’s a pretty big blow to take just to secure RB depth.

The same could be said for Julio, i know plenty of people look at the talent and assume he’s going to be a stud, but i’m not entirely convinced he’s going to be all that reliable. With the Wentz injury it was deff hard to be sold on Pittman, so another situation where i understand the WHY but not sold on the WHO.

Just my 2 cents though, hopefully it works out for you

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Really appreciate the thoughtful feedback! Yeah that was my reasoning for trade #2 but you and I value Swift differently, I legitimately think he can be a league winner this season, and havin Williams as a handcuff and potential standalone value made me feel more confident in getting him. I don’t think the negative game scripts will affect Swift in fantasy as he is a great pass catcher, and on Monday night the entire 2nd half he was the guy despite coming off the injury report and being down a ton. Julio I gambled on but I think Tennessee will have to throw because of their D, and yeah I didn’t want to trade Kelce but have to give to get and the depth at starting positions just was too good to pass up for me in this league. I agree about the TE position, and am currently working on a deal to acquire a 2nd TE from a team in the league that has Gronk, Thomas and Tonyan. Figure if I can get 1 of those and Fant busts, I can pivot.