Made a trade looking for input

I traded devanta freeman and Kyle Rudolph for rashad penny and Chris Godwin. It’s a dynasty legue.

Chris Godwin is the best piece of this trade. You won. Congrats.

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Massive win for you IMO well played. Penny could and should get more work this year and close the split with Carson and Godwin could close the gap on Evans in that Tampa passing attack. Both of them for a top RB but with major injury issues and a non factor TE - well played indeed sir

I call that a win on your part, Godwin is gonna be fun this year.

Awesome thanks always second guess things once the trade goes through… haha

Depends on situation of your team. If you’re a contender, don’t love the trade. But if you’re rebuilding, then I do like it.

As a penny over carson believer last year, I think we’ve seen enough data points now to know clearly that penny is an inferior RB to Carson. Didn’t think a 7th rounder could displace a 1st round investment but clearly I was wrong.

Freeman is going to eat this year and I thin khe would contribute much more to a contending team than Godwin. I love Godwin since before the season started last year. I think he’ll be a great asset to have (consistent WR2) but I think Freeman offers low RB1 upside.

So like I said, it depends on what your team is like.

Excellent trade. You definitely won.

I think you won