Made huge trade did I win it

I traded Mike Evan, Robert Woods and Austin Ekeler for Mecole Hardman and Zeke.

My roster now looks like this.
QB Phillip Rivers (streaming)
RB Alvin Kamara
RB Zeke Eliott
WR Amari Cooper
WR Mecole Hardman
Flex James White
TE Darren Waller
D/ST packers
Kicker Justin Tucker
AJ Green
Emanuell Sanders
Golden Tate
James Washington
Carlos Hyde
Ronald Jones
Josh Allen

Hardman’s going to have less value the moment Tyreek comes back, and Ekeler’s about to depreciate soon too, so I see this as basically Evans and Woods for Zeke. Could even argue that since Woods hasn’t been that great that it could be closer to Evans straight up for Zeke.

Based on that, I’d say you won.

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Welcome to the Fantasy FootBallers forum @Fredik!

Dynasty or redraft? PPR or non PPR? How many teams?

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Its a ten Team PPR redraft league.

I prefer “Evan, Robert Woods and Austin Ekeler” but I get why you’d want Zeke.

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Thanks for the info.
I felt it was a good trade when I made it but this only the 2nd year I’ve played FF and last year I did it on a horrible roster I inherited from someone else.

What is your starting lineup requirement?

You definitely got the best player in the trade which is always a plus. You did give up 3 players for 1 in my opinion. Once Hill comes back Hardman won’t be real useful I don’t think. I do like that you flipped Ekeler since his role will be diminished soon, but he will still be a decent flex play and I think he will see more work than last year since he’s been so good. You have lost a lot of depth which worries me if you have any injuries.

Overall both sides in a way won, which is how a trade should work. You got the best player, he got more depth and more startable players.

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2 WRs
1 TE

Pretty standard

I just wanted Hardman to play at WR with Sanders playing the jags this week and green still out.
Tried to grab Mclaurin but failed.
Counting on Green coming back reasonably soon.

Like someone else said you definitely got the best player with Zeke but Hill is coming back probably by next week so I would try to flip Hardman and package with Sanders or even Green and get a more solid WR.

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At the time of the trade Mclaurin had just gotten dropped and Djax was also available so I thought I’d pick one of them but my claims failed.
I am looking to see what startable WR’s are on peoples benches but pickings are slim the guy who has the most usable WR’s on his bench only makes trades if they are hugely in his favor.
So I will probably stream my WR2 until either Green is healthy, Sanders or Tate breaks out or a good WR becomes available on waivers.