Made it to the finals! Take a look at the matchup

Went 9-4 on the season and matched up with the other team who went 9-4 in the regular season - we also scored about 130-135 points last week in the semis. How do my chances look? Worried that PHI is going to shut down their stars next week…

MY TEAM (fully aware that some guys are hurt/out):

QB: Newton (had Wentz :/)
WR: Jeffery, Anderson, Parker, Nelson, Ginn Jr. (Out)
RB: Freeman, Drake, Hyde, Martin, Morris
TE: Ertz, Davis
K: Bryant
DST: Baltimore


QB: Rivers, Garopollo
WR: Thomas (Michael and Demaryius), Fitzgerald, Diggs, Smith-Schuster
RB: Gordon, Kamara, Hunt
TE: Olsen, Ebron
K: Lutz
DST: Minnesota, Chicago

We start: 1 QB, 2 WR, 2 RB, 1 TE, 1 Flex, 1 K, 1 DST - Standard scoring

Philly is still playing for the bye and number 1 spot so they won’t shut them down this week, next week maybe

Ah sweet! I was looking a week ahead

They did say that if they win they will rest their starters.

In regards to Philly (coming from a huge Eagles fan) watch the Vikings game closely… if Minnesota loses on Saturday night than Philly will probably only play their starters for one half because the #1 seed will be wrapped up… however if the Vikings win, Philly will still need to win to get the number 1 seed. Fortunately Philly plays the final game of the week on Christmas Day with Monday night football. Good luck! As of right now I got Foles and Jeffery starting myself, but if Minnesota loses I’ll put Bortles and Evans in