Made this trade, now regretting it a little

Traded Juju and my 4th round pick next year for Dez and a 7th round pick

My WRs are now: Dez, Corey Davis, Robbie Anderson, Jordy Nelson

Made the trade before week 10 and am now regretting it a little bit. Any thoughts?

In a dynasty league? Yea that’s a terrible terrible trade. If that’s the confirmation you were seeking. Although juju is the number 3 with a declining /done qb…

Haha, not dynasty. A keeper league where we only keep 3 players. I wouldn’t have kept Juju anyway, kind of why I made the trade. Should have made that clear, my bad.

Oh. Then that seems pretty good. Selling high on the 3rd option. And depending on your team you can keep dez next year. Seems actually good then.