Made two Trades how did I do?

As a result of auto drafting part of my draft thanks to when it was scheduled I have made a lot more trades then normal for before the season so I’d like some input since I have possibly gone a bit trade happy.

Trade1 : I gave Keenan Allen I received Robert Woods.

Trade2 : I gave Michael Gallup, James White and Fitz for DJ Moore.

Both trades are in the same league which is a 12 team full PPR redraft league.

And my roster after the Trades is as follows:

QB: Aaron Rodgers.
RB1: Kenyan Drake.
RB2: Jonathan Taylor.
WR1: Davante Adams.
WR2: Robert Woods.
TE : Travis Kelce.
Flex : DJ Moore.
D/ST: Eagles/streaming.
K : Harrison Butker.

Michael Pittman.
Carlos Hyde.
Marlon Mack.
Denzel Mims.
Alshon Jeffry.
and two yet to be made FA pickups when trade 2 processes.

Anyways let me know how I did on these trades I alway like getting second opinions.

Keenan Allen is very good, obviously, but with a lot of questions about LAC’s QB situation in 2020, I like Woods more. Seems like a win there.

Unless the package blows me away, I always want the best player – which DJ Moore indisputably is. I think that’s a real solid trade for you.

Your bench is kinda shaky IMO, though getting Taylor + Mack is nice… you might have to hit the waiver wire hard the first couple weeks as you sort out your depth options. But IMO, you definitely made some nice moves & are in a better position than before!

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My bench was my main concern nice to hear some reinforcement that I made the right move.

hello there,

you got a great starting roster.
the bench not so much. if you dont have injuries you have a shot at winning it.

good luck

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Moving from Keenum to Woods is lateral. I don’t tend to make those type of trades.

I like the trade for Moore. But he kinda scares me. Don’t be afraid to flip him too while the value is high.

With a bench as short as this one I’d drop Jeffery. There is def more upside on waivers. Likely some good RB candidates.

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I’m not sure whether or not you saw but I do have two empty bench spots I haven’t filled because its a 3 for 1 trade should I still cut Jeffry?

and of these guys which two or three should I pick up?

Solid trades. I like the moves. I have no clue how Dobbins isn’t on a team but grab him now. McKinnon is a dart throw but worth a stash I think. I’d grab those two plus Funchess over Jeffery.


I did see that.

It’s likely Jeffery starts on the PUP meaning that he would not be a eligible to start as a roster player until week seven. Eagles bye is week nine. So for the first nine games of the season you may play him a total of two times. Not worth it to me in redraft.

How have you sorted the list? I would sort by %rost

I like all those guys but especially Dobbins, Smith, and Sims.

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Ok, I picked up Dobbins as you guy’s suggested and dropped Alshon.

And here’s the players in order of %rost.


Which two would you recommend grabbing?

The trades were awesome. Your bench needs a ton of work. Cut Carlos Hyde for sure and see if you can grab someone like Jordan Howard as your RB 4 and Chase Edmond as your RB 5. I would recommend starting Marlon Mack over Jonathan Taylor the first week or so. I’m not loving Alshon Jeffery on your bench either. Maybe package him in a trade deal that gets you a better bench player, say with Mims or Pittman.
Lastly, I rarely advise this, but maybe go ahead and grab a sleeper QB like Daniel Jones or Matt Ryan, because I have Aaron Rodger as my #1 QB bust.
Otherwise, you have a solid team to start the year off. Good luck!

I’m a Lazard truther, so I think he’s worth a shot. Like Jonnu a lot, but as you already have Kelce, probably don’t need to prioritize a backup TE.

If you want some peace of mind, I’d grab Jonnu just in case anything happened to Kelce.

I really like the trades. The DJ Moore side of the trade is without question a trade I would make. The Allen/Woods trade is more based on what you feel, but I think you chose correctly. IMO, Allen is the better talent, but Woods has the better workload guarantee and known qb expectations.

Also like the Dobbins pickup.

Does the fact I already have Davante and Rodgers turn you off of Lazard at all?

And do you think he’s got the #2 role locked up?

It does not turn me off of Lazard.

The lack of a clearly defined 2nd pass catcher or role for Lazard himself is what would make we look elsewhere.

It all comes back down to talent and opportunity. I think Corey Davis might be a better hold than Lazard, higher talent. Sims could have more/better defined opportunity.

That said, if you love Lazard or he’s your guy then stake a claim!

No re: Rodgers/Adams – I’d rather take whoever I view as the highest % breakout end-of-bench guy… I’m quite possibly going to be cutting them anyway a couple weeks in (either due to an unforeseen breakout or their role never materializing), so the deeper strategy side I’m not worried about.

I’m not opposed to Corey Davis – TEN isn’t going to throw a ton, but I don’t think it’ll be spread out a lot, so AJB / Davis / Jonnu should all be fine. Definitely agree that he has a more clearly defined role / path to targets in TEN than Lazard, & that’s a serious factor to consider.

I have a bunch of friends who are Packers fans, & all of them think Lazard will def be the WR2 there… obviously, nobody knows, & they could be totally wrong. But I think he has (1) the best chance to get the WR2 role in GB, (2) the highest GB WR2 ceiling due to his chemistry with Rodgers, & (3) the best fantasy QB of those options.

I like the DJ Moore trade, but I would’ve probably kept Keenan Allen. They’re very close imo, but I prefer Keenan