Maegalabowl closed?

I signed up as a 20 dollar member and bought udk and can not find megalabowl just some 96 team league that is closed and been open for like 30 days. Does it exsist??? Starting to regret joining.

Same. I signed up mainly to join the megalabowl and now it looks like it’s closed. Pretty much sucks.

I joined two weeks ago and put my name down before they even mentioned it on the show and got a link to join today for division 9 but when I clicked on the link it said error. I cam on here to see what’s up and apparently there’s only 8 divisions. It happens probably just to many entrants many next year

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Happens; I’m pretty sure I signed up way before a lot of the people that got in :man_shrugging:t4: System can’t be perfect

Seems too clunky and undermanaged to me they got my 5 im out now. Never listen again. Seems like theyre too big too fast

Nooo if you actually read and paid attention you would’ve known its first come, first serve and you would’ve known where to enter lol