Magic or Big Ben?

I have both rostered. Went with fitz last week and scored more but I feel there is always risk with fitz

I’d go with Big Ben, especially if you can’t afford to lose this week. With Fitz, I’d worry about him getting benched mid-game, and then he could cost you a week. If you’re not worried about that though, I think Fitz is fine. I’d expect any amount of TO’s he has to be more than offset by yardage and touchdowns over the course of a game.

I have the unlucky fortune of having high points scored on me sitting at 3-6.

So I feel like I have to win out. My only concern is that fitz tends to have higher ceiling

Well both QB’s have big upside. I’d personally go with Big Ben. If you can’t afford to lose, he’s less likely to cost you the week than Fitz and his upside is just as high IMO.

I’d go with Big Ben and try to trade Fitz for something that can help you win this week. Maybe the Cousins, Watson owner would be willing to offer something for a bye week rental if they’re only rostering 1 QB.

Thanks dude most people have two qbs rostered. But definitely think Big Ben is a good play this week