Mahomes and drake for hopkins full ppr

Currently have a trade offered to me. I would receive mahomes and drake for hopkins in a full ppr format.
My rb’s are currently barkley, sanders, scott, white, cohen
My wr’s are hopkins, cooper, ridley, sanders, and crowder
My current qb is watson

I’m thinking it would be a steal but unsure of having Cooper as my wr1.

I would probably do this, you have enough depth and stregth in your WR core to deal with Hopkins’ going.

I’d shop Watson for an RB/WR if you do this though, just stream a backup for Mahomes by week. Someone always pays up for a QB if you start floating a top 5-8 option at them especially one who can run.

Maybe see how the Mixon, Chubb, Dionte Johnson, Kupp, McLaurin, Ekeler, OBJ, Green, MT! and Drake owner(s) are feeling after some down stats weeks and the MT news. Someone must have two of these and you could cash in.

I agree with James89. Mahomes and Drake for Hopkins is a win in your favor. I agree there is risk with Cooper, he can still provide WR2 value and Ridley is poised to have a breakout year since the Falcons will generally have a negative game script because of the D. I further agree with testing the trade waters for Watson see, if you can get a WR1, if you are unsure of Cooper as your WR1.

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