Mahomes and Kamara trade

Should i give up Kamara and AJ Brown for Mahomes and Miles Sanders???

I’m 2-2 and will probably lose tonight if Kamara doesn’t save me (again)

Or am i overreacting to my losses. Diontaes injury really hurt this week smh

Also any trade targets for my team??

No please no. Don’t trade Kamara for a QB and meh-Sanders. Sanders has a terrible O-Line and will continue to be a boom or bust RB1.

Step 1 is don’t fear Crowder and play him every week in full-PPR, he’s the 2nd highest in pts/game (when he plays) at WR this year.

I only see trying to upgrade the TE position and continue to stream QBs; although Teddy could be your guy for a while.

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Yeah i think I’m panicking. Crowder is definitely a weekly starter now.

Getting a TE is gonna be hard smh hopefully somebody trades one with me.