Mahomes and Rodgers owner. Trade one?

So I’ve got Mahomes and Rodgers, should I offer one for trade?

I’ve also got both Gronk and Kittle, again try to offload one?

I’m a little light on for RB’s with Conner my only strong week to week option right now.

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100% yes on both although might want to wait for Kittle to have another strong game befroentrade if he’s the one you pick

Thanks, would like to move him but it’s so difficult to know what he’s worth right now comparatively at the RB/WR position

Connor being your only strong play week to week is a red flag, considering eventually that will sadly come to an end. I’d try to package A QB and a TE for a solid RB.

I think it’d should either be Mahomes/ Gronk or Rodgers/ Kittle, but really depends on who you target and how your league mates value them

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