Mahomes and thinking ahead

So I am trying to prepare myself for playoffs…I mean I’m hoping I get in and get far in the playoffs.
If KC clinches early which I am sure will happen gotta think of a QB back up for championship game.
So gotta think of back ups.

I am loving Prescott right now and his schedule is looking awesome. Week 16…Tampa Bay. He’s probably not owned in many leagues so I’m trying to snag him up now.

If you have Mahomes or anyone else that will most likely clinch early…do it. Or think about it.

I do not think the cheifs will have the luxery of clinching a bye before week 16. Pats, Texans, Chargers are all playing really strongly and have good schedules.
And I dont Andy Reid wanting to take the foot off the gas anyway. Also If Mahomes puts up a couple more huge games he may have a shot at Peyton’s record and I couldn’t see Reid depriving himself of that either.

That all being said I am the type of FF player who likes having 2 QBs rostered anyway, so if you have some dead weight by all means pick up a backup QB.
With the trend of the Cowboys offense of late and the fact they’ll be battling for playoffs Dak could be a sneaky stash.

No? Well, I would absolutely love if Mahomes is still playing strong week 16!

Prescott does look awesome as a stash.

Any other ideas on QB stashes? Or any position

1 game too late for picking dak up, man I wish I would have picked him up this week. I riding the Wilson/Baldwin stack this weekend.