Mahomes Bye Week Stash?

Hey all,

who would you prefer to have stashed for week 12 when Mahomes is off? In a key playoff run so don’t want to mess this up. Not many roster spots to play around with.

Lamar Jackson vs Oakland
Mitch Trubisky vs. Detroit
Ben Roethlisberger vs. Denver

I have Jackson and Big Ben stashed on my bench right now (dropped Josh Adams just now for BB as I was never going to play Josh), but would you drop Ben or Lamar for Trubisky for Week 12?

I would take trubisky. Thinking of picking him up myself in another league guys on fire right now. Don’t wanna risk Jackson’s first start and Big Ben doesn’t play well on the road

He’s played very well on the road every game this year outside of Week 1

I can totally understand picking up Mitch but I rather have Big Ben.
I’m all in on Big Ben this year. That whole team is really clicking.

I just dropped Jackson and am now stashing both Mitch and Ben for next week and will cross that bridge at that time. Good idea?

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