Mahomes Dilemma

I’m currently 5-1 and Mahomes is my only QB. Should I trade for a qb(ie a team has wentz and ryan) or just stream for a few weeks(options are brissett, darnold, Stafford, jimmy g, cousins). Also considering that I play 3 top teams next few weeks when deciding what to do

QB- P Mahomes
RB- D Johnson, N Chubb, J MIxon, T Coleman, M Breida, C Hyde, D Montgomery
WR- A Thielen, T Lockett, T McLaurin, OBJ, T Boyd
TE- D Waller

I’d stream Darnold. He has a fairly nice schedule unless the Ryan owner wants to do a deal you’re happy with. But I think you’ll be stronger overall using darnold

If I traded for ryan, what do u think I should give up?

Depends what he needs. Could maybe do just obj or boyd/breida