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Mahomes Dynasty Value (PPR)

I have Mahomes in Dynasty but I’m very thin at RB so I’m considering a trade. What do you think fair value would be?

All the RBs

lol I’m jk. I’m assuming this is a 1 QB league, if so, I think as far as fair values go he’s probably worth in the Aaron Jones, Austin Ekeler range. I would try and find a different avenue to trade for an RB though, he’s such a difference maker at the QB position I don’t think he’s valued as much as he should be in 1QB leagues. I’m pretty biased towards Mahomes though.

Maybe you’re right, but I’m stuck with Fournette and Phillip Lindsey at RB for the moment and have Stafford and Tyrod on my bench

Who else do you have? Also what picks do you have next year?

IMO Mahomes is the #1 dynasty QB. Might not end as the #1 this year but if you have him for his whole career I think you will always be set at QB so I’m not selling him for someone who’s not elite at RB. RB turns over so quickly that if you’re not immediately contending for a championship after this trade then I’m not doing it. It’s much easier to get an RB out of the draft that will perform at a high level and fill gaps in your roster. Finding a QB of this caliber who can put up these kinds of numbers only happens a few times a decade (think Manning, Brady, Rodgers and Wilson - but more so prime Manning).
If the rest of your roster has you in immediate championship contention for this year after the trade then I would be willing to accept a shorter term RB option who should be positioned well this year. If not I need a proven stud, even if it means I need to give a little more than just mahomes to get them.

This is off topic, but while you probably can’t trade Stafford for much now, if you wait a couple of weeks into the season I think you could get some value for him. I feel like he’s poised for a big season. I don’t think it will be a sell high, because I think he will probably be top 10 season long but if you can wait a few weeks packaging him with someone else could work out.

I’m picking 5th in the rookie draft. Have Jordan Howard, Gore, Mckinnon, Royce Freeman, and Jaylen Samuels plus some scrubs on the bench

I also have Hockenson as potential trade bait

Taking jk Dobbins there should be doable. That should help.

I agree with the other people. Mahomes should be worth way more than that. He can make every throw and has all the weapons to continue to put up massive numbers. I wouldn’t trade him but IF I did, I would need one of these options: a. a couple of tier 2 RBs (ekeler, drake, Conner, Jones, Sanders, etc) and a pick, b. a tier 1 RB (zeke, Barkley, Kamara, cook) and a pick or two. I’m still not sure if either of those options can match up to what Mahomes can put out for his whole career though

You do need to figure out how to improve your RBs though

I have Mahomes in my league and am thin at RB too. So the thought of floating him for an elite RB has crossed my mind many times, but I always talk myself out of it. Whatever elite RB I could get would be long gone before Mahomes starts trending downward. Even if the McCaffrey owner traded me, I’d want more, because we are talking about an elite of the elite players for at least the next 10 years. No one is going to pay that. No one has even offered me anything or talked about acquiring him, because they know how expensive he would be. I’m just gonna sit tight and be happy I have one of the best to ever play the position, for a 2017 3rd round rookie pick.