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Mahomes for Connor? Juju for CMC?


Mahomes has easily been my best player this year, I’ve loved him ever since he went to Tech. That being said I need RB help.

Someone offered Connor for Mahomes
I’d have to stream after this trade but it’s a hard choice.

He has Connor, Mixon, and Elliott so he’s set at RB and can afford to lose one.

My RB’s: Mark Ingram, Dalvin Cook, Kerryon Johnson, Chris Thompson, Latavius Murray, Dion Lewis.

My WR’s: AJ Green, JuJu, Brandin Cooks, Sammy Watkins.

I also had another offer, JuJu for CMC.

Should I make a move? Stay set? Is there another move you think I can make?


keep mahomes and trade juju


I would not trade Mahomes for Conner. Lev Bell is suppose to come back next week and its going to be a committee. Mahomes has been like scoring 4td a game. I think I would do the Juju for CMC if you need RB help